Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine- Review

Are you curious about what you will find within The Old Schoolhouse? One of the options they offer is The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. You may be pleased to find a variety of topics which are interesting, inspiring and helpful! I know that I did! Won't you join me as I share with you about some of the things I appreciate about this issue? I'll tell you at the end of the review how you may download the 2013 November/December issue for free! 

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First of all, I love the history they share behind the school houses on their covers. Not to mention that the old schoolhouses are charming and inviting. Doesn't it make you just want to open the cover and take a peek inside?

Two Cups of Tea by: Naama ym from Tel-Aviv, Israel

Like-minded Educators

It's refreshing to read articles from other Christian individuals who are like-minded in many ways when it comes to home education. It's also good to read what other approaches some homeschoolers take which may be unlike what my homeschool looks like. God's Principle of Individuality is seen in each article and there is something to take away from what others have to offer.
With homeschooling, errands, regular household duties, work, etc., sometimes the only time for visiting with other homeschooling friends is at our weekly co-op or at church. Yet, when reading through the articles about individual families, it's like sitting down with a good friend and learning more from them. I enjoy the insight different people have to offer.


I enjoy the spectrum of topics which are covered throughout the magazine! I have yet to make it to a homeschool conference (I know! Right?) and reading through the TOS is like a little homeschool-conference-fix for me... only from the comforts of my own sofa if I so wish.

Topics include articles written by home educators sharing about their journeys, giving encouragement, and sharing about positive relationships. Also included are articles from curriculum writers with advice on educating, information about what's going on in the political realm and what you can do about it, art lessons, history, music, college prep helps, and parenting tips. Plus, there is a chance to learn of some curricula and educating materials offered to homeschoolers.

A Few of My Favorite Things...

From this issue, I thoroughly enjoyed reading:

Introspection: Learning to Love Silence and Solitude. It addresses the importance of having time to reflect, to mediate on Scripture, to have that one-on-one time with our Lord. Being an introvert, it's easy for me to look forward to this time of day. While we study the Bible together in each subject throughout our days, what's challenging for me is fitting the time of solitude in- probably for many of the same reasons you do. I'm encouraged by Sheila Campbell to intentionally set time aside for some quiet time each day. This means having my children do the same- it's a learning process for them, but it's important for all of us.

Discipleship: No More Brick Walls. I love the insight that Morna Gilbert has about reaching our children's hearts. What parent doesn't eventually face dealing with the sin of lying with their child? I'm thankful to have read this article in which Morna takes us to Scripture to observe the model set before us in Genesis. It's not that I'm "looking forward" to a situation where I can implement this, it's that more than likely it will happen again. This affords a way to effectively reach my child's heart, to disciple my child and "get out of the way", allowing the Holy Spirit to work conviction in the heart. (The article needs to be read in order to understand what I mean by "getting out of the way.")

Relationships: A Tale of Two Friends. This article is very touching. It can be challenging to find friends in adulthood. As Liz Lane points out, sometimes we live in areas where people may generally grow up together and have their family near them. Thus, those people feel that they have their "inner circle" and don't feel the "need" to reach out and befriend anyone else.

How refreshing to read about how Liz and Miss Van formed a friendship simply based on their love for the Lord. The age difference didn't matter. The fact that one was married with children and the other never married and had no children, didn't matter. They realized that each had something to offer the other. How precious and rare it seems to find people focusing on the most important commonality- the fact that the Lord is the cornerstone of their faith vs. differences they may have.

I think you will be inspired by their friendship and the tips Liz shares for being a spiritual mother. ~As a side note: Today, I am making little care gifts for friends and new friends. I can't wait to share about them with you!

Homeschooling: Freedom From the Four Walls. I can relate to the joy of getting outside of the home for lessons (especially out in nature!). It's fun to see what other people do when they head outside of their four walls. Lately, our family has been missing this aspect to our homeschool. I'm reminded of how our family values it and feel motivated to get back out there with our lessons!

History/Politics: Home Education and the Rise of Christianity. If you know me at all, you'll know that this is a topic dear to my heart. I'm thankful to see it in TOS where it can reach thousands of people. I believe it's critical to understand the history behind education in our country and where it will lead us as a nation if we don't impact our culture within the homeschooling community and our churches for our Lord. I really appreciate the encouragement and reminder that the God of the Bible has used throughout history a small band of people to make a big impact. There is hope for America!

I'm taking the opportunity to share this article with our children. They need to be in the know, too. I hope you consider doing the same with your children.

Something I Would Love To See

Over the past few years, our family has become increasingly aware of many Christian families celebrating the Lord's Feasts found in Leviticus 23. Our family has begun celebrating them, too, and love the richness He has to offer us! 

There are many different ways Christian homeschooling families have become aware of how wonderful the Lord's Feasts are, what they mean and how they pertain to all believers following Jesus the Messiah. There are several families who have learned of them via the highly well-known and used My Father's World curriculum, for example. 

I am unaware of any home educating magazine offering articles for/from families who celebrate these Biblical Holy Days. It would be fantastic if The Old Schoolhouse magazine would consider reaching these families, too. 

Speaking of Feasts... I'd also love to see specific articles for Thanksgiving Day. There is much to share historically about this special day. We have learned so much about our Christian Heritage and God's Providential Hand in History (His Story) from The Pilgrim Institute and The Foundation For American Christian Education. Sharing about our Christian Heritage as a nation is important and may lead families into a deeper understanding of what this occasion is about.

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

It is a valuable resource to have on hand. There are many useful educational tips, parenting suggestions, curricula resources for homeschooling families and mothers and fathers considering homeschooling. With such a vast array, I think there is something for each individual who reads it.

You can read The Old Schoolhouse Magazine online for free by going to Old Schoolhouse Magazine . And for those who have handy dandy Apple, Android, Kindle Fire and Nook HD devices, you can read The Old Schoolhouse magazine on the go by downloading the TOS app. Learn more about both of them by visiting The Old Schoolhouse and read informational Crew Reviews which keep you up to date.



  1. Thanks for this review it is fantastic. I like your suggestions too.

    1. Oh thank you for stopping by and commenting! I'm glad you found the review helpful.

    2. It was very helpful. I did not know the magazine was so full of information and it is free.

  2. I would like to see the magazine do some articles on honoring the feasts of God as well. There is so much we can learn about our Messiah in them.

    1. Thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts. Let's hope that it is something to look forward to. Blessings!