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Review: Keyboard Classroom

This is a review of Keyboard Classroom, Teaching Children to Type.
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n exchange for an honest review, I received a free copy of the 
program, along with the finger guides. This post contains affiliate links.

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Well, it doesn't seem possible but the time has arrived for our oldest to learn keyboarding skills. This might seem delayed to some, however it has been of importance to me to focus on handwriting and printing leading up to high school and, well, next year Scientist begins high school. 

keyboarding, homeschool, typeing program, keyboarding program

How Keyboard Classroom is Designed:

"Our Finger Trainer is designed to teach children correct finger placement on the keys of the keyboard. With finger guides in place, they learn the correct location and finger placement for each key. They can then practice as much as they want before trying a timed fluency, typing the alphabet as the time counts down. Students will need to look down at the keyboard at first but you’ll be amazed at how fast they’ll learn to trust their fingers and progress."

To begin with, students ages 7 to 14 years learn how to type letters according to the keyboard layout. Later on they progress to typing words and then sentences- these are done according to rankings.

You can learn more about Keyboard Classroom's software by reading their FAQs page by clicking here.


My Comments:

At first, our son wasn't sure about the idea of developing typing skills. He quickly latched on to the idea when he saw that there were different levels and that progress was tracked. He loves having feedback on how he's doing- it motivates him. 

Portions of this program worked well for my son. The visual aid of hands on the screen helped him to become well acquainted with the keyboard. However, due to his individuality and his learning style, he didn't need to make use of the guides which come with the software.

I can see how the guides would benefit a couple of my other children, however, only one child is able to use the Keyboard Classroom program at a time with a Single User License. All that to say that I'm sorry I cannot give you a review at this time on how the guides do work for a child who would benefit from them.

Scientist's Comments:

"I like how the program adds a few letters at a time to each level; it allows me to keep practicing the letters I have learned while learning the new ones. I also like that I have the opportunity to practice as much as I feel I need to before moving on to the next level." 

Some More Things We Liked...

*By choice, we aren't gamers or heavily into entertainment in our family. We appreciated the simple graphics that help students to focus on the goal vs. having flashy graphics and other such things to cause distractions.

*Spending about 15 minutes a day on these short lessons, Scientist is indeed learning how to type quickly using this program. He has two more levels to go before completing it!

Something to Keep In Mind...

You will need a computer with internet access in order for your child to play the games. The computer we use for such programs for our children does not have internet connection. We didn't realize internet was needed prior to installing the program.

Here is another testimonial for you:

How Much Keyboard Classroom Costs...

Initially, Keyboard Classroom offered only a Single User License for homeschoolers. Literally just before posting my review, I received notice that Keyboard Classroom is now offering a Family License for up to five users for only $49.95!! Carrie, the owner, did this in an effort to make her program more affordable for homeschooling families. Thank you, Carrie!!
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*Each student has their own unique User License to 
ensure that proper tracking of typing progress can be made.

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Did this review help you? How do you think Keyboard Classroom would benefit your child in your homeschool?


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  1. Hi Heather,
    Once again I reduced the price of typing for homeschoolers. The Single User price is $19.95 and the Family 5 User Price is $29.95. So pass it on! Thanks