Monday, June 30, 2014

Making the Days Count

Let me ask you: are you counting the days of summer passing by or are you making the days count? 

Let's face it, many of us count the days. We only have yadayada days left until the school year begins. So many yadayada days until vacation. So many days until this has to take place so that this pending weight is lifted from me. So many days until (you fill in the blank). 

Can our focus be on greater, eternal things? Can our focus rather be on making the days count? I hope this post inspires you to participate in the "Make the Days Count Challenge"!

Throughout life, most of us face ups and downs of one sort or another. After all, we don't live in a perfect world. 

Would you be surprised that we have had our times when finances were so tight... we were at the mercy of Yahweh's provision? And provide He has! While we have always acknowledged that everything we have has come from Him, there were times when we really needed to wait on the Lord. Many a time He prompted someone to pass gently used clothing down to our kids, or buy staples for us, or give from their own labor in their gardens/farmettes. It was amazing... and humbling. And we have been so thankful!

It wasn't until we started facing struggles that we learned more people go through these same trials than most of us realize. Most of the time, we don't open up to each other because we were taught to keep such topics private. You just don't let others know about such things. Or we don't open up to each other because relationships and trust haven't been built. Which begs the question, what is taking priority in our lives if not to develop real relationships, loving each other and putting people first? (They will know that we are believers by our love, by our love...) Or we don't confide in each other because we are embarrassed about our circumstances. How sad that we either contribute to others feeling embarrassed... or that we allow ourselves to be embarrassed. Trials don't make anyone lesser. 

If you are going through trials, here is a big sisterly (((hug))) to you. Trust in the Lord and cling to Him! This post is for you too, because even through trials, there are things we can do to make the days count!

So What's the Challenge? It's this.

Make the days count...

  • Build relationships by spending time with people and really getting to know them. This means you need to be transparent, too.

  • Listen for needs and think of what you can do to support each other, to build the body of Yeshua/Jesus up, the edify one another, to be there for each other as family should. Because we are family in Him.

  • Share what you have! Times are tough on a lot of people for various reasons. Make the days count by sharing out of your garden.

    Make them count by purchasing from someone's farmette (free-range eggs, veggies, fruits, etc.). If you don't need them for yourself, bless someone else with it.

    Take advantage of the u-pick prices and share fresh foods you purchase from local farms. Take the items to your congregation and set them out. At least one family will probably be greatly blessed and you support your local farmer.

  • Share your skills! Do you or your spouse or someone you know have the skills for auto maintenance? What about home maintenance? Or what about teaching someone how to do canning or just do it for someone who hasn't the know-how or supplies?

  • Share your time! Visit with each other- sit on the swing or the front porch or in your living room while you fold towels. Help them with some housework while you chat. Do some canning or meal prep as you talk.

    Sometimes, people are not psychically able to or don't have the time to get out and take advantage of gardening or u-picking. Wouldn't it be such a blessing if you did this for someone?

    Or invite other gals over to make lunches for your husbands for the week- share ingredients, recipes, and get to know each other more.
  • Share of your gifts, talents, interests! Sometimes even taking time to create something with what we have on hand helps us to make the days count and helps the recipient do the same.

    It could be something as simple as making coasters with what you have on hand. You could hot glue pretty scraps of fabric to a recycled tuna can for the coasters to fit into. Maybe take a recycled bean can and hot glue pretty scrap fabric with some scrap lace to the outside of it, fill it with water, and hand select flowers from your garden to give to someone. Perhaps sew a little travel tissue pack cover out of felt you may have on hand to give away. Little things like this brighten people's days and show them love. It just takes some of our time.

We all have one life to live,
 let's live it well by making the days count!

So, will you accept the challenge? What other ideas do you have? Won't you share them in the comments?



  1. Love this! Thanks for the encouragement!!

    1. What a blessing to know it encourages you!