Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Art Frenzy! Painting in the Order of Creation

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As I was painting a landscape one day (in fact, it was the painting you see on my facebook page), I had the realization that most landscape paintings are painted in the order of the days of Creation!

© Principled Academy
*Painting by one of my students- 12 year old boy.
I often think my students' art is so much more imaginative than my own!

This amazed me! I don't know who officially painted the first landscape painting and how the order for painting was passed down to other artists, but it fascinates me that even the order in which we paint a landscape reflects our Creator God. 

 Below are the quick samples I painted before co-op (it took a few minutes to paint the samples and my students had about 45 minutes to create during co-op). 

© Principled Academy
© Principled Academy
© Principled Academy
*The little brown streak in the sky is an unhappy accident.

I also did a *live* painting so I could teach techniques and how to properly load the brushes we used. In the lesson plan, I show you the brushes we used, pictures of how the paint should be loaded on them, and how to apply the techniques we used.

My intent is to have the lesson plan in my store by Monday. *If you downloaded my free lesson from last week and used it, please leave a comment at this post and you can get this lesson for FREE. Thank you!


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