Thursday, July 26, 2012

Geography- The Solar System

The Noah Plan Week 2, Quarter 1

"He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, 
and hangeth the earth upon nothing. "
Job 26:7

... and hangeth the earth upon nothing.

What words are there to express awe at such a Mighty God?

Does worship swell in your heart, too?

Is there any doubt that Scripture is the inspired Word of God? How else would people know such things so far back in time without any fancy equipment that we have today?

This lesson covers the solar system and how the earth is a part of it. We take our kids through Scriptures pertaining to the earth. It's one of my favorite things to share about with our kids.

Free wallpaper from
Do you remember my post on Geography's Secrets? We are expanding our learning about God's world and not the world of man.

What You Do To Prepare:

  • I love to read and to learn so it's always enjoyable for me to teach and learn more along side my children. When I opened up The Noah Plan History and Geography Guide for this week's lesson, I learned that Mathematical Geography, Physical Geography and Political Geography are all founded in the Holy Bible. Do you know that information is in the Bible?
  • Next, I am reading up on God's Principle of Individuality in the Teaching and Learning America's Christian History. This goes into more detail about how subjects of school curriculum being collectivized are counter Biblical to this principle (Social Studies, Language Arts, Physical Education, and other such groupings). There is great information in here! I'd like to encourage you to purchase a copy of this book for yourself.
For Your Child:

Here are some links you can go to which you can use to show your children pictures of the universe.

God and Science (slide show of stunning photos of our universe)

Hubble Site (there is a gallery of images from our solar system)

The Orbit Simulator is a neat tool to help your kids get an idea of how
the planets move in orbit. It's neat because up close it has the effect of
a spiral. When you zoom out, it looks like a large drain. 

You can download a free notebooking page for this lesson. You can choose either the notebooking coloring page of the solar system or notebooking page to draw the solar system. 

You can also download a free notebooking page about Johann Kepler as a supplement to this study.

In addition to sharing pictures with my children, I like to pop in our DVD of Indescribable with Louie Giglio. All that he shares is just amazing and it goes perfectly with the Leading Idea in The Noah Plan Kindergarten curriculum.

Note: In part five there is an illustration of Jesus on the cross with some blood on him. Use discernment for your children. You can scroll down and see this illustration before you show your children.

Part One of Five

Part Two of Five

Part Three of Five

Part Four of Five

Part Five of Five

I hope these resources have blessed you!


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