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Saturday Science- Salt Crystals

Noah Plan Quarter 1, Week 2

 ~ Egg Shell Geodes ~

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Aren't geodes so neat? We did this along with our Principle Approach® study of the Scientific Method. The study found in The Noah Plan Kindergarten Curriculum has an experiment which yields rather immediate results. However, we also wanted to try one that would help cultivate patience and also show that the scientific method can be applied to experiments which can take a while to work through.

So, some of us already have taught the Scientific Method. My question is, how many of us have taught it with Biblical foundations? For instance, do you know when science began? The idea of science had to begin at some point in history. What about God's character is revealed during the first week of creation? Why is that even important to know? Do you know why it's important to study science- I mean for reasons other than apologetics? How do these things tie in with the Scientific Method? All of the answers to these questions are found in the Bible and covered in this week's lesson found in The Noah Plan Kindergarten Curriculum.

What about noting famous scientists who were also believers? Hmmmm.... maybe you'll learn a few things about a couple of the men involved with the Pre-Scientific Method and the Scientific Method in your notebooking page.

Download free Principle Approach® notebooking pages your kids can use to go along with this lesson!

If you do this lesson ahead of time, you'll have salt crystal squares which tie in perfectly with this Principle Approach® art lesson. You might also like to tie it in with a Principle Approach® Geography study on Earthquakes and Volcanoes.

1 Corinthians 14:40 KJV
"Let all things be done decently and in order."


Salt Crystals

Our kids stated a problem:
"How do crystals grow?"

They made their Hypothesis:
"The egg shells would be completely or mostly covered
with crystals and resemble a geode."

They tested to see if it would be correct:

   ~We began our experiment in early April~

© Principled Academy

© Principled Academy
Bowl A

They added green and purple food coloring to this bowl. 
(They made purple with red and blue.) 
I forgot to snap shots after they added the food coloring.

© Principled Academy
Bowl B

They added yellow food coloring to this one.
Again, I forgot to snap shots of it afterward.

   ~A lot of Progress in May ~

© Principled Academy
Bowl A

It's interesting to note that the green food coloring has settled to the
 bottom of the egg shells while the purple is toward the top of them. 
It's also interesting how the blue food coloring 
is at the tip of the egg shells and on the bowls.

© Principled Academy
Bowl B

~ The Crystals Grew on More Than the Eggs ~

© Principled Academy
Bowl A

The bowls are salt crystal geodes, too!
(The kids want to keep the bowls this way!)

~The Experiment was Completed in June ~

© Principled Academy
Group A

© Principled Academy
Group B
© Principled Academy
The inside bottom of Bowl A.

They stated why they think the experiment happened the way it did:

"The egg shells may not be completely covered because the bowls were bumped."

"We think the colors from Bowl A happened that way because of the order the food coloring was dropped in."

 ~ Give it a Try! ~

You can find this experiment at Science Bob's Blog!


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