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Bible Noah Plan Kindergarten Week 5, Quarter 1

The Noah Plan
Bible Week 5, Quarter 1

You'll see in your curriculum in the left hand column that the Leading Idea has to do with the Biblical account of the fishes and loaves. The richness of The Noah Plan takes me (the mom and teacher) and my children (the students) deeper than just reading about it. The lesson takes us through a discussion for personal application.

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My children are learning how Jesus' power is revealed when we are willing to govern ourselves under him (i.e. stewardship modeled after him, sharing, etc.) How amazing that so many people were able to be fed because a small child shared his lunch! What wondrous acts of God will people see when each of us choose to share what we have with them? It really gives us pause to think, doesn't it?

I think this is an example of how God's economy is much different than man's idea of economy.

For You to Do:

When you read pages 230, 231 in Teaching and Learning America's Christian History, you'll read about how man is God's property. I'm sharing with my children about what God has entrusted into our individual care (stewardship at home; loving, obeying, respecting their parents; stewardship at *school*; stewardship at church; respecting property rights; learning to respect the rights of others...).

The Teaching and Learning America's Christian History book expands on the above principles listed and gives us a springboard for our discussion about how to bless others with what we have.

For Your Child to Do:

Download this free little notebook page with a traceable title for this week's lesson.

           Download this free notebook page without a traceable title for this week's lesson.


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