Thursday, September 13, 2012

Homeschool Club Day!~ A Wise Woman Craft

This is one of the funnest days {in my opinion}! I really enjoy the girl time. It's so fun to sit with the moms and daughters as we do a little devotional and watch the girls create.

~ A Wise Woman Devotional and Craft ~

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Our little girls are growing up! One day they too will have their own homes to tend to. We mamas have much to teach and to pass on to our daughters and I thought this little craft would be a neat way to help them remember some of those things. I also think it will help them to look forward to their potential roles as wives and mothers. Enjoy my mini tute on this project and download your copy of the devotional at the end of this post.

© Principled Academy
Decide what embellishments you may want to use. 
Then base your color scheme off of those choices.
(Maybe consider where you will end up using 
your example as a decoration in your own home.)

© Principled Academy
I like lots of contrast!

© Principled Academy
 I decided to give it a little character 
by adding some blue to the roof.

© Principled Academy
We have 45 minutes devoted to the clubs (then they move on to P.E. games for the rest of the co-op meeting). This is how I broke the club time down:

10-15 minute devotional and discussion 
10 minutes looking over materials and making choices
20-25 minutes creating.

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I added a few final touches by writing words on my example. My tote bag is all ready to go with supplies!

 Download your devotional for this craft!

© Principled Academy
Here are some birdhouses the girls did. Aren't they all adorable?!
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