Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cowfolk of Faith! What's in Your Closet? :)

Do you have some cowboys n' cowgirls in your family, too? Sometimes our kids enjoy wearing western wear. Then there are other days when our kids don't care to wear traditional cowfolk attire. So, thanks to some family members, our kids have some of these wonderful t-shirts declaring that they are Cowboys n' Cowgirls of Faith! 

I appreciate the modest attire, the principle idea behind the shirts, and that they come in varied sizes so our kids who like to match from time to time are able to.

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Photo Courtesy: bluelakesports
Check out the selection for boys at the link above!

Photo Courtesy: bluelakesports
Check out the selection for girls at the above link!

We like them so much, I wanted to share about them with you! They sell them for men and women, too!  It's my understanding that the line is being discontinued. Sad! So, maybe buy some while you can! has discounts for Church Congregations, Church Clubs, and Church School Clubs sponsorships, Church sports, and other group Activities. Hmmm... maybe your local Christian Horse Camp may be interested! 

The kids' Cowboys and Cowgirls of faith shirts get worn nearly as much as these broken in boots!

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