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Paul and the Christian Church- The Noah Plan Quarter 2, Week 5

The Noah Plan- History
Quarter 2, Week 5

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Once my darling children are in bed, I set some time aside to prepare for the next days' lessons. This works for me because I like to have set time aside here and there to get my reading in (for my own education as well as to be able to decide what to share with my children according to their learning abilities).

One of my favorite.things.ever. to have learned (pertaining to Geography) is how each continent has an individual purpose. I am so thankful to Mr. Arnold Guyot for sharing this realization! You can read a bit about this in your assigned readings: The Noah Plan History and Geography Curriculum Guide, p. 70. I also address it briefly at this post.

In the same curriculum guide, on p. 71, it says:

"For centuries God's Word was locked up in scholarly languages. In order for the individual man or woman to learn God's Principles of Liberty, it was necessary to be able to have the Word available in a language they could learn how to read."
Can you imagine?! I am so thankful so many people can have copies of the Bible in their own languages! On this note, I have to say that I recommend getting a Hebrew/Greek Key Word Study Bible or at least have a Strong's Concordance on hand. It has blessed our study of the Scriptures exponentially!

The Leading Idea for this lesson is, "The Gospel goes westward with Paul." The notebook page is of Paul preaching in the Synagogue.

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A couple of my kids wanted to add yarn for texture. :)

As we springboard off of this lesson for more understanding for our older ones (and ourselves as parents), we research other questions like:
  • Why are Paul's writings hard to understand?
  • What does the warning mean that the unlearned can twist Paul's writings to their own destruction? (2 Peter 3:14-16
  • How was Paul, an Old Testament Scholar, given wisdom?
  • Why did the Pharisees get so angry with Paul and even Jesus (Yeshua)?
One of the ways we expand our studies in our family, is to try and learn about the history, culture and Hebrew mindset with which God's Inspired Word was written. One of the things we learned as we expanded our study, is that Saul's name was never changed to Paul. It is mistakenly thought that it was. You can read about this at Passion for Truth Ministries if it interests you.

Paul was an Old Testament Scholar and a New Testament writer. His teachings can be challenging to understand! One thing we began to wonder is, "Why is it so easy for Gentiles to see that Jesus Christ (Yeshua is His Hebrew name) is the Savior... yet many Jews today don't see it?  The first followers of Yeshua were Jews and they went into the world to share the Gospel Message. How was Paul able to reason with them from Scripture? What has happened over the years?

Our family wants to find answers to our above question. We watched The Deuteronomy 13 Test  teaching by 119 Ministries. Wow! This is very challenging for us Christians! Our family thinks challenging what is taught is a good thing. It has given us If you are considering watching it, too, maybe consider previewing it before you view it as a family. For us, we decided to watch it all together.

The Deuteronomy 13 Test
Why is it hard for many Jews to accept Jesus Christ (Yeshua) as the Savior?

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