Sunday, March 10, 2013

Quarterly Keepsake!

Does your family get excited when they complete another quarter? Ours does... and we like to do a fun little something with each quarter that we finish.

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I also enjoy including a special insert for my children's notebooks! Yes, we discuss things at our weekly family meeting and we meet quarterly to go over their book reports. But this is different! This is a special notebook-keepsake acknowledging that they have diligently applied themselves to learning! This is also a chance for them to sit with me, open their notebooks, narrate the lessons back to me (review) and record what they like best about each subject for this quarter. We also jot down goals they have for the next quarter. 

I like to affix an envelope with a card or note in it on the backside. The card or note contains encouraging words and lets them know how I delight in them. :)

Do you do anything special for your kids when they finish quarterly lessons? What do you do? Won't you share your ideas in a comment below? Do you think you may begin adding something like this to your children's notebooks? 

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