Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mother Goose Mystery- Book Review

We have already studied about Mother Goose this school year in our lessons, however, I have to share about my recent find...

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Do you know this book exists? I had not a clue until I came across it during my great book hunt for our family library.

First of all, I have to say that one tiny reason (outside of innumerable other tiny reasons) I am thankful to still have younger children in my life is because of the treasure trove of children's literature! I enjoy reading so many delightful, imaginative stories that I'd really miss out on if I didn't have littler ones to read to. Can you relate?

The illustrations are visually engaging and my kids enjoy the story line. It begins with the dish and spoon missing! They didn't come back after they ran away, like they usually do! Something had to have happened to them, but what? If the characters in the nursery rhyme don't find them before the next nightly reading, the rhyme is ruined! The dog and cow suggest they simply alter the rhyme so they don't have to go looking. However, it is finally decided that they go on an expedition all together to inquire of other nursery rhyme characters about their friends. Mystery, danger (hey, a wolf and a giant can make any story have danger), and suspense are all rolled up in this book. 

Second of all, this book illustrates Bible Principles wonderfully! It's the Bible Principles that popped out at me which I love best...

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... and which are timeless for all ages as Bible Principles are for all people of all ages. So, even if nursery rhymes are beyond your kids' ages, they can read the book to their younger siblings or younger children you watch for a friend and sit in on the Bible Principles which you teach regarding the story. It helps the older kids practice reasoning from Scripture and how to see Bible Principles in even the "simplest" of stories (which in turn helps them to see Bible Principles in other ares of learning and life).

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